$350 + $25 shipping

This is the Quilter 101 50w Mini Reverb head. According to Quilter, “the Bass and Treble controls use traditional ‘tone stack’ technology, yielding a familiar bright chime based on 50 years of tradition, while the active Mid control provides a more strongly voiced cut/boost function for increased versatility. Increasing the Mid control boosts the frequencies that give an aggressive ‘D-Style’ bite to the sound, while decreasing Mid brings out that familiar clean-60’s Blackface tone.”

At just two pounds and a small footprint, this unit has a very versatile ¼” effects send and return, headphone output, and two speaker outputs (8 & 4 ohms).

One hidden feature that is not talked about much is what a great unit this is for recording. You can run the effects return directly into your DAW for a beautiful, open tone.

This head pairs very well with the Raezer's Edge Stealth 10 cabinet. (See my Stealth cabinet also for sale on this forum.) Message me with questions.