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    I'm putting up my MINT condition YAMAHA SA2200. Here is the link to the posting on The Gear Page with some nice photos.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Very nice. I hope it goes to a good home.

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    Very nice guitar. Good luck with the sale.

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    Hope you’re doing well, Jim!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusionshred
    Hope you’re doing well, Jim!
    Very, thanks. We move into our new home in Halifax in a week.

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    Bump. Beautiful guitar still available!

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    Amazingly, I still have this guitar available.

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    Ugh...I keep staring at this

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    You could be playing it instead of just drooling! She’s just waiting for you to ask her out!

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    What is the neck shape like?

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    The neck is a C shape. A little like the Gibson 60s if I’m recalling them correctly. Not fat but not as thin as other Japanese profiles either. Medium and very comfortable. For what it’s worth, one site quotes 20.5 mm thick at first fret and 22.3 mm thick at 12th fret.