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    Hi players,
    I'm selling a few books here by Warren Nunes, the blues books are $55 each, same with the Rhythm and Background Chords books, $55 each. The Rhythm and Background Chords is a really good book and you don't have to read music to go through these books except the Solo Patterns book which is better if you read music! The Solo Patterns book is $75, payable through Paypal or send me a postal money order if you want. No records in any of the books! If you want more pics or have any questions, just hit me up at the email address below! btw, I'm located in Sacramento, if someone lives close to me, you can just stop by! Thank you!

    my email address is thefathand @ yahoo.com
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    After looking around, I happen to have one of the Warren Nunes blues books and it has the record!! The one with the record is gonna cost $75, also I have an extremely rare Herb Ellis book that I'm selling but since it's so rare, I'll be asking $110 for it, or best offers. Lastly the Warren Nunes books, I previously said that you don't have to read music to go through it. You can play the jazz progressions without reading music but the lead lines are in notation, not tabs. Warren didn't like Tabs at all, so if you're interested, feel free to hit me up! Oh, and if you want to see more pics to see what the inside looks like, I don't mind, just ask. Thank you
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