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    Practically brand new. I’m the second owner and the original guy who had it barely played it. Great fit and finish with a very comfortable, medium neck. Asian KA stock floater, 17” lower bout and 25.5 scale. Comes with the OEM DA hard shell case. Surprisingly good acoustic sound and amplified it has that sweet bell-like tone you’d expect from a pickguard-mounted pu. I really like the guitar and had plans to modify it a bit but finances are tightening and some stuff needs to be sacrificed. I’m asking $700. Local pickup near Nashville preferred but may consider shipping via PM.

    D’Angelico EXL-1 natural 0-587119db-d734-4bcf-a70e-a118ed203f0d-jpgD’Angelico EXL-1 natural 0-43f0fe2f-4848-4e00-bd4c-5c2c5713e527-jpg
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    Weekend bump

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    Price drop to $750

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    Bump. $700 plus shipping.

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    Where is 'local' pickup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skykomishone View Post
    Where is 'local' pickup?
    Near Nashville TN.

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    $700 for local pickup.

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    D’Angelico EXL-1 natural 0-a029667c-838a-4eba-b7bc-98c4b5135f59-jpgD’Angelico EXL-1 natural 0-edb76a7d-7400-462a-849e-9f959efe19d1-jpgD’Angelico EXL-1 natural 0-770f4a6f-5aff-48ef-b1a0-efe4f74f194d-jpg

    This thing is near mint. No nicks, gouges or scrapes anywhere.

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    Bump @ $700