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    Built 1977 by Matsumoku in Japan, this guitar is considered one of the best L5-copies. Mine is in gut condition, but with occassional dings and dongs. Original PUs and hard case. The guy I bought it from, recorded some nice videos with this very guitar (check out Youtube for more than this one):

    Well, after talking to a guy from a used-guitar-store, I decided to lower the price: 1550,- Euro would be ok!

    Aria Pro II PE-180-img_5403-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5402-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5404-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5408-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5405-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5410-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5411-jpgAria Pro II PE-180-img_5413-jpg
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