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    Gibson L-7 1953 Natural | Lonnie's Gear Locker | Reverb

    ( no affiliation etc etc )

    ...Just curious - -
    Anyone looked at this and ruled it out , or ??

    ........Just FWIW.....I like the fret change from the skinnies to mediums....
    ....and I like the price, that is even open to offers.....and the strap pin plug....

    And ( hint ) that p/u could be removed and sold easily enough, the funds from which would buy a Fishman bridge p/u, wired through the strap pin.....I'm guessing you'd have money left after the install.......


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    Here's the listing from when Wildwood sold it about 8 months ago... was listed for $3,399 when the listing was "ended", which typically means the guitar sold through the dealer and not Reverb.
    Gibson L7-C 1953 | Wildwood Guitars | Reverb

    It has been refretted by a pro, and it has also undergone a neck reset and a crack repair on the side by the butt. The neck has also been oversprayed.
    ...from the Wildwood listing (and current sellers) Reverb listing is why the price seems lower than usual.

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    Was that Travis Hreno's guitar? He had 1953 L7c with the McCarty system.

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    I could very much see how someone played it a lot and would've liked playing it........I have a '52 and it had a single McC, which I removed and sold - -and got a good buck for.........it took a little to get the set-up right when I got it, and mine needed some neck heat work too.....but once you dial them in, they're nice !..the 11's would have to go - -but I couldn't make 13's work, and settled on 12's.....

    But man they're light as a feather, and are really a 'go-anywhere' guitar.....and you could always make the guy an offer with the McC removed.....


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    It's not my guitar - but mine is for sale. It does not get the playing time it deserves currently. I have a thread in this forum that gives a link to the eBay page.