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    I recently purchased an ES-275 hollowbody with humbuckers and I'm so smitten by it, I'm selling other guitars and my L5 Signature may even go on the block!

    Having tasted the humbucker version, I'm not looking to augment it with the P90 model in sunburst. I believe they were a run done in 2017.

    I got my humbucker one for CAD$3200 shipped to me, which was a great deal. Looking to spend around CAD$3500 for the P90 version shipped to me in Toronto, if any Canadians are looking to part with theirs. Thanks!

    Oh, and this is for the full hollow version, not the more recent semi-hollow models.


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    For those who don't speak Canadian, that's somewhere in the $2,500 - $2,600 range in real 'merkin money.

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    Been a few weeks, so I thought I'd bump it one time.