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    ¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Iker y soy un guitarrista luthier que vive en el País Vasco.

    Quiero compartir con ustedes mi primera guitarra archtop, basada en el modelo acústico Benedetto de 17 ".

    Actualmente está a la venta en el sitio web de mi amigo Dusty Miller, toda la información sobre la guitarra en el siguiente enlace.

    Espero que les guste!

    Handcrafted 17" acoustic archtop guitar-ada_4305a-jpgHandcrafted 17" acoustic archtop guitar-ada_4311a-jpgHandcrafted 17" acoustic archtop guitar-ada_4285-jpg


    -Top: Italian Spruce
    -Back,sides and neck: Flamed maple
    -Fingerboard : Ebony
    -Bridge: Ebony
    -Inlays: Thuja root and brass
    -Varnish: natural mineral oil varnish

    I built this guitar during my stay at Mirko Borghino´s workshop in Italy, the model of this guitar is based on a Benedetto 17".
    The construction of the complete guitar has been entirely at hand following the indications and advice of Mirko.

    The internal reinforcements are X Brace.

    For Varnishing I used a method that I learned from the violin luthier Mikele Dobner, it consists of oil varnish mixed with natural pigments and ground minerals, It is a natural varnish that provides a beautiful color and leaves the wood vibrating in a very natural way.

    The sound sllection is a 12 pole Kent Amstrong floating pick up.

    The Strings are Daddario ECG24- Chromes Jazz Light 11-50.

    Gator case


    4750 POUNDS

    +/- 5240 EURO

    +/- 6150 USD
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    muy bonita!


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    Thanks very much, I'm glad that you liked it!!

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    That's a lovely-looking guitar.
    You should post a price as per the forum rules.
    Perhaps some more specifications as well, such as:
    -body width & depth
    -scale length
    -width at the nut
    -depth of the neck at the first and 12th frets

    I see that the guitar is listed at
    GBP 4,750 on site.

    Works out to @:
    USD 6,140 - 6,150
    Euro 5,240 - 5,250

    I take it that is Dusty Miller.

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    ¡Bella guitarra! Usted claramente tiene un talento impresionante. ¿Cuanto sale esta guitarra? Y cuanto tiempo necesita ud. para constuir una?


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    Sorry, I did not put any specification or price because all that information is in the link to the website. Right now I correct it! Yes, Dusty Miller!

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    ¡gracias! Me alegra que te guste la guitarra. Su precio es de 4750 libras, aproximadamente 6150 USD

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    That is a beautiful looking guitar.

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    thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Buenas, Iker,
    Que toca la guitarra?
    Tocar en vivo! . . . Marinero