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    This is a compact preamp / effects unit that can be plugged into an amp or directly into the PA-system. The preamp (SansAmp) tone is emulating a twin reverb.

    I used this for a couple of years with a funk band and for rockabilly gigs and often prefered the tone to my fender vibrolux.
    The boost is excellent, Distortion tries to emulate a boogie/dumble kind of tone, nice reverb and delay with tap tempo.
    Fits in the gigbag. Excellent condition. Comes with original power supply 220 v -> 12 v.

    Asking price: 150 € + shipping (EU only)

    Tech 21 Fly Rig Cali-img_5730-jpgTech 21 Fly Rig Cali-img_5733-jpgTech 21 Fly Rig Cali-img_5732-jpgTech 21 Fly Rig Cali-img_5731-jpg
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    I had one of the early Fly Rig's...pretty cool pedals. GLWS!

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    BTW the only reason to sell this is that I treated myself with the newer version with built-in tuner and XLR-output.