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    For sale is a 2011 Tom Ribbecke Monterey 17" fully carved archtop. For those unfamiliar with Ribbecke, he is considered one of the living legends of luthiery and for anyone interested to know more there is a plethora of information about him and his work on the web. This one was commissioned by me to replace and utterly destroy my 60s L5 which it does handily. Body dimensions are 17" x 2 7/8", nut width is 1 3/4" and scale is 25 1/4". It has a very chunky and full size "C" neck profile and according to Tom the mounted pickup is by Tom Holmes. It is the ultimate "electric" archtop with acoustic qualities as it is built heavily to resist feedback, yet still retains its carved solid wood acoustic properties. Comes in a white insanely valuable Calton case. So why am I selling? I have found that I am starting to have issues with 17" full depth archtops and need to cut down on those from my inventory - for the curious who have read this far and wonder if there might be more available, please inquire about my 1968 Gibson Johnny Smith and Steve Andersen 17" that I might also be forced to sell. Selling price is $10K. Please PM for more photos. 2011 Tom Ribbecke 17" Monterey w/mounted pickup-ribbecke-monterey-full-jpg2011 Tom Ribbecke 17" Monterey w/mounted pickup-ribbecke-monterey-full-back-jpg


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    Just beautiful!

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    Still available - bi-yearly bump!

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    So.... panic sale, then?