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    Aria Pro II model EA 650 SB - no serial number printed on label inside. Serial number on headstock- 078007. I was under the impression it was 1979, perhaps serial # denotes 78 (although I thought first 2 digits were often the year).

    I bought this guitar from my father's music store in 1990 and played it for a number of years. Never had any work done to it. It has sat in the original case unused for 25 years. While most of that time it was in climate controlled closet in my home, there was a spell where it was probably in a storage shed for a year. I recently opened the case and looked at it with thoughts of selling it and notice that the lacquer has several cracks on the front and the is binding has dried out and cracked. I assume this was from being in storage years back.

    The guitar had no issues when I last played it but that was a long time ago. I plugged in the guitar and the bridge position pickup worked but the neck position did not. I removed the pickups/pots/3-way switch/wiring and inspected solder joints & reflowing solder. Put it back together and there was a bad hum. Replaced ground wire to bridge and then both pickups worked and it sounded good for a while but then the hum returned. 60 cycle hum that increases if I touch metal parts. I considered taking it a local luthier I trust and have it repaired before selling but also I am into selling it as is. A fine, well built guitar.

    Other issues: When removing/reinstalling the tailpiece a screw head got a little chewed up so I picked up new screws, the same size but unfortunately got brass and 1 screw broke and the head is not protruding. Feel like a dummy. Pick guard was missing when I got it. Come with hardshell case (looks like the 2 hinges were replaced sometime before the 1990s. Not road worthy but OK. Happy to answer any questions about the guitar.

    Im not certain what this guitar would be worth right now. Feel free to make me an offer.

    Aria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-img_5603-jpg

    Aria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-1-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-2-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-3-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-5-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-7-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-8-jpgAria Pro II EA650SB ES175 copy 1978-79-12-jpg
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    What about neck and frets condition of the guitar?