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    Gibson Custom Shop L-5 CES Natural 1995 Natural | Shep's | Reverb

    Hello all! Long time lurker and joined the community a couple of years ago.

    Selling my L5CESN.

    Feel free to ask any questions and THANKS for taking a look!

    $7500 + shipping via Paypal friends/family transfer for forum cats.

    Shipping to USA only (sorry to the rest of my jazz brothers and sisters out there)!
    Attached Images Attached Images Gibson Custom Shop L-5 CES Natural 1995-l52-jpg 


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    but can you reasonably expect someone to "friend" you $7500? There is no PayPal support for "friend" payments.

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    You make an excellent point, good sir! I certainly don't want to appear as being shady concerning the transaction by offering a "jazz forum price" via PayPal. I do have the Reverb link included and if anyone is interested, just mention the jazz forum with your offer. Thank you kindly for checking-out my guitar!

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    Beautiful L-5. Good luck!