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    Diving in head first to the forum after years of lurking. I am selling a beloved guitar and hope you will want to take it into your nest to nurture and love.

    It is a 2005 Gibson Custom Shop L5 Wes Montgomery and I am selling it to make room for an acoustic arch top that I am lusting after. This is a fantastic players guitar as well as a true archtop masterpiece.

    Here is the listing on Reverb updated with significant price drop:

    Gibson Custom Shop L-5 Wes Montgomery 2005 Sunburst | Crowe | Reverb

    Dan Crowe
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    Thanks for your interest! I have updated the listing on Reverb based on yours and similar comments. I want this guitar to land in the hands of a player and archtop lover like yourself.

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    Welcome to the forum. That is a beautiful Wes Mo.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    Based on communication with a forum member friend of mine - this is a very nice guitar. The only reason its being sold is to purchase a gorgeous high end acoustic Archtop.

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    Asking for $5,950 on Reverb seems like a good plan.

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    FYI, I know this guitar and the seller. This is a wonderful, rich sounding Wes at a very fair price. And Dan is a great guy.

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    $5950 is much better! I'd buy it for that if I had the bread.

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    This guitar has found a new home.