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    Located in Barcelona (Spain); I´m selling my awesome Jaen Rialto. A luxury instrument made in Spain !!!, manufactured in 2004, by one of the best jazz guitar luthiers of today (Fernando Jaén Alonso). Sound and playability well above known high-end instruments.


    Specifications: Solid Spruce Top (Bear Paw), Ebony Fingerboard, Buttons, Pickguard and Bridge; solid curly maple back and sides, a gorgeous natural finish that leaves the grain visible and dependent on the light amber stripe, Benedetto A6 pickup, and a gorgeous bending on both the body and neck.

    The reason for the sale is the size. It is 17 ", and although that is evident in it´s sound, and it has a neck that is a delight; on a practical level, it is too much guitar for my body (and realistically, too much guitar for my skills too!).

    I sell it with its original Hiscox case, although I could also give it with an old Epiphone case that fits it perfectly (in that case it would lower the price 200eu).

    Now it has been for a couple of years flat wound strings Daddario Chrome 12-52, although I have had it with Thomastik infeld GB 114 (014-055), having the strings attached to the neck and with an incredible playability !!!!

    It is a Ferrari in sound (plugged and unplugged) and in playability. It can be tested without obligation at Bcn, and in the event that there is more than one interested, I will prioritize the treatment in hand (although I can pack it, pack it and send it if we so agree). National shipping costs are included in the price (international to be consulted).

    Asking 3200€. I could accept as a change to a Gibson of other 16" guitar . In case to change it, I value it at 3400eu.

    If you are interested, write me here: theoldians@hotmail.com

    endendJaen Rialto-1-jpgJaen Rialto-2-jpgJaen Rialto-3-jpgJaen Rialto-4-jpgJaen Rialto-5-jpgJaen Rialto-6-jpgJaen Rialto-7-jpgJaen Rialto-8-jpg
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    Hi I'd be interested in a trade for my Zimnicki listed here for sale but unfortunately that's 17" as well.

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    Thanks!, I´m searching to sell it (preferently), althought I´m open to talk. (16" better).

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