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    Hey all,
    I've just posted up two polytones on reverb. I swore by the polytone sound for years, but due to musical tastes changing in recent times I think it's my time to take a plunge into the land of tube amps.

    Mint condition Mega Brute (1x8)
    Polytone Mega Brute | Gregory's Gear Depot | Reverb

    Excellent Condition Mini Brute (1x12)
    Polytone Mini-Brute 80's Black | Gregory's Gear | Reverb

    Both amps have been taken care of very well and have working (and good sounding) reverbs. Please feel free to ask me any questions and feel free to make me an offer!



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    Open to offers!

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    Nice amps. I'd definitely be interested if I didn't already have two Polytones. Love 'em!
    (Note... you might want to take a second to edit your Mini-brute copy at Reverb to say *100* watts. It's currently running, quite underpowered, at only *10* watts. LOL?)

    GLWTS! :-)

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    Bump, feel free to make me an offer or reach out with any questions!

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    Little bump.

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    Bump, feel free to make an offer!

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    Bump, open to offers!