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    Partscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112310-jpgPartscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112338-jpgPartscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112319-jpgPartscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112341-jpgPartscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112356-jpgPartscaster Tele/Jazzmaster Hybrid-20200704_112517-jpg
    Hi, Selling a Partscaster Tele/ Jazzmaster hybrid
    Pine lightweight body,Gold Leaf Stain Relic finish, All parts "TMO FAT " one peice maple neck satin finish, Kluson Gold Vintage tuners, 1&5/8ths width.
    Bill Lawrence pickups Tele Bridge pickup Noiseless. 5way switch with push pull pot on tone for extra options.
    Gibson USA gig bag included
    Extremely Resonant Sounding,and Plays Great!

    $799.00 PayPaled And Shipped Cont USA !


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Very cool! I don't like a lot of "relic'd" bodies, but this one has a "naturally thrashed" vibe, and I dig it! GLWTS!

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    Just turned out like that. Maybe I should have gone into Thrash Metal Punk,LOL !

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    That's got ratrod chic.

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    Thanks it sounds and plays great as well! I just have been building various Partscaster guitars for fun during the Covid Quarantining.
    So I've ended up with two too many,LOL!
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    Still available!