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    I posted this Trenier for sale a few months ago and pulled it down soon after. I’d dearly love to keep it, but I can’t get on with 17” guitars no matter how much I love the instrument itself. I’ll content myself with my 16” Andersen and Borys until I can afford to get on Bryant’s books for a smaller model...

    An unnamed model (though closest to his Classic to my eye) this Trenier was built in 2014 for a well-known archtop dealer. Pictured below with the D’Aquisto that served as its inspiration, the guitar is in very good condition and has a lovely balanced sound and sustain. I think it has particularly nice, thick treble strings.

    In addition to some extra photos, I will get around to making a quick video in the
    coming days to try to capture the sound. Please be in touch if you have any questions. I’d be very happy to connect with any potential buyer via Sykpe or Zoom.

    $6800USD (with shipping and any associated costs to the buyer)

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    Hi Balanwood,

    Could you confirm the nut width please. From the photo, it looks to be a little less than 42mm. How does it compare to the nut width of your Anderson and Borys guitars. Same width? Less or more?

    Reason I ask is because I have large hands/ long fingers and have played flattop guitars until recently where the average nut width has been 44.45 (1 3/4 inch).

    I just happened across your post today and could not believe that this gorgeous Trenier archtop is here in Australia.

    Thank you for considering my questions.


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    Thanks for the message Lplate.

    It’s certainly no smaller than 42mm.

    I have relatively large hands and don’t have a problem with any of those guitars, so I suppose the nut width isn’t noticeably different for me. What is more apparent than any variance in nut width is the carve of the neck at the nut - the Andersen being very slim and fine, the Borys being hefty, and the Trenier sitting comfortably in-between. This is the biggest difference in neck ‘feel’ to me, and I’m lucky enough to enjoy all three.

    Yes - not sure there’s another Trenier down in this part of the world!



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    Cheers Bruce,

    I appreciate you expanding on the respective neck feel of your guitars. Good to know.

    What gauge strings are currently on the guitar?

    Does the guitar come with a hard case?


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    The guitar is currently strung with D’Addario light (12-53) phosphor bronze, and comes in an aged but functional Cedar Creek case (with one non-critical broken latch at the rear!)

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