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    Here's a lovely old guitar, in excellent playing condition - a 1937 Gibson Advanced L-12. Serial number is 94379. I seem to have ended up with two of these, so off goes the one with the smaller neck. If you like a 24 3/4", x-braced, 17", fully carved, acoustic archtop, you'll like this. Suprisingly modern and fabulous neck profile - I can measure it all and provide the info. Includes an old hardshell case that works fine, or a newer hardshell case that works fine. Happy to take pix of cases. Pix of the guitar with a pickguard on it to come. $3,999 takes it away, plus whatever actual shipping/handling costs to wherever you want it to go.

    Some pix, and a detailed description to follow:

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    More pix. Updated headstock shot with trimmed strings, sheesh. I believe that Gibson went to the "fat" horizontal script logo in '38:

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    In the past 83 years, a bit of maintenance has been done to the guitar. Pix can be provided that show it all.
    -It was refinished a million years ago. Thin nitro.
    -It was refretted at some point and the frets are in great shape.
    -It had a jack in the rims at some point. That was disappeared when it was refinished.
    -No cracks that I can find, and I have looked. This guitar was never mistreated.
    -Original tuners, but the low E tuner was replaced at some point. The old 12:1 Grovers work fine, but I would be happy to install a set of Waverly tuners and put these in the case pocket for the cost of the Waverlys.
    -Replaced tailpiece - shiny. Happy to make it less shiny if that's how you roll.
    -Replaced bridge - footed, rosewood, works great.
    -I have an old pickguard that is stable but was slightly gassing. Happy to include it. I also have a new repro pickguard that I'd be happy to include, mounted to the guitar or loose. Pix of both to come.

    The guitar sounds great, broken in nicely after only 83 years of being played.
    The blistered Michigan maple on the back is pretty damned awesome.
    There's plenty of room for a Dearmond or a variety of other floating pickups. At some point the guitar had a floating pickup installed.

    Someone buy it, love it, play the bejeebus out of it! It's pretty *&^%$ great.
    I will endeavour to persevere wth only one pre-war L-12. And only one L-5P. And only one L-7C. And so forth. Because times like this require sacrifice. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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    Oh man, to save shipping, put it in a canoe and shove it across "the creek" to me. Hope it makes it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody Sound View Post
    Oh man, to save shipping, put it in a canoe and shove it across "the creek" to me. Hope it makes it.
    Perhaps we can arrange for something through our buddies on the rez. Seneca Nation rewlz!

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    That is a gem. Best of luck with the sale!

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    Hammertone, that is a beauty. If I didn't have the L7, I'd be tempted. I just love the old gibsons. And Epi's too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skykomishone View Post
    Hammertone, that is a beauty. If I didn't have the L7, I'd be tempted. I just love the old gibsons. And Epi's too! GLWTS!
    Thanks. The Advanced Gibsons like this are completely different from your '44 L-7 - different scale, different bracing, different top/back carve. They sound and feel different. You NEED this guitar.

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    I just got back on this forum after a long absence. I am a little confused by the interface and I hope that I have actually sent an email to Hammertone. I have been looking for an L-12 for some time. Don't do a thing until we talk!!

    Good to be back, even if I am a little confused.

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    Well, the operation was a success - back to having only one head.
    I've been making room in the main bunker, selling off teles, Jazzicas, parts and so forth.
    This guitar is still for sale and takes up way more space than a plank guitar.
    No electricity required to enjoy this thing - very handy when rolling blackouts, the revolution and/or apocalypse occur.
    Come on down!

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    I'm so glad this is short-scale, x-braced. Otherwise I'd be researching OnlyFans

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