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    It's a really good one, excellent condition and sound. No issues at all. All details in my CL ad. (Please pardon the link ... messed up my hand so having trouble typing tonight.)

    Lowered price:
    FS: 80s Polytone MiniBrute II - musical instruments - by owner - sale

    I'm in Northern NJ. Local sale - anywhere in the NY metro area, and I don't mind driving reasonable distances if there is interest. Thanks!
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    Trying again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad dog
    Does that mid knob on top of the treble act or work like a separate mid knob ie like having treb mid bass knobs.

    Sorry i cant buy, so just asking mine dont have any thing like that only Treb & Bass

    Good luck looks like in VG condition.

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    Yes, the concentric mid knob is a separate control. However, it seems to act differently from bass and treble.

    Bass and treble on the MB are bandaxall eq ... a set midpoint of eq value at noon, clockwise rolls in more bass or treble, counter clockwise lessens the bass or treble. (I may not be explaining this adequately ...) Whereas the concentric mid knob seems to be additive. Turning clockwise from zero adds mids to some preset value.

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