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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking about selling my GLB Gig50FS amp, you know the quality of this amp, head+cabinet with a 12’ V30, all solid Sapele wood.

    One channel and only two knobs: Volume and Tone.

    I am in Italy and the price is 1350€ that included two padded gig bags.

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    GLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-img_3081-jpgGLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-img_3084-jpgGLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-img_3085-jpgGLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-img_3082-jpgGLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-img_3083-jpg

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    GLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-9774879d-6301-4752-a2a9-911f2384f9cb-jpegGLB Gig50FS Sapele Wood-cdcabf44-e28b-4895-b9d2-9c4ca7210497-jpeg

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    Bump with a lower price!

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    Bump with a new price!

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    Bump! 1400€

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthreadwell

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    Bump 1350€!