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    Posting this here...

    This amp is as close as I've gotten to being a perfect amp for me. Fender Custom Vibrolux, 1990s, mint condition, with footswitch and cover. The only reason I'm even considering selling it is to pick up a vintage silverface or blackface Vibrolux. Check out the Reverb post below - it has pics and all info, attaching some additional pics to this post.

    I wasn't really considering shipping it, but if someone really wants to, I'm open to discussion.

    If anyone has a vintage silverface/blackface Vibrolux and wants to work something out, contact me!



    Fender "Custom" Vibrolux Reverb 40-Watt 2x10" | Reverb
    Attached Images Attached Images Fender Custom Vibrolux-zdbenjon6nyvrfamwxiy-jpg Fender Custom Vibrolux-hsyaxbcztdsh5k1ecyeh-jpg 


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    And you are...where?
    Somewhere in Canada?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammertone
    And you are...where?
    Somewhere in Canada?
    He's in Yonkers apparently.

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    I am in Yonkers, NY, just outside of NYC.

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    OK, I was wondering if perhaps you were local given the additional badging on the amp.
    I guess it was originally sold into Canada.

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    Good luck with the sale. Great amp!