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    The guitar is in excellent condition except a couple of very small dings (see pictures).

    Extremely versatile with mini-humbucker at the neck, piezo and 13-pin synth output.
    The C-shaped neck and ebony fingerboard are a dream to play on.

    Original case is included.


    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2684-2-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2675-2-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2678-2-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2681-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2680-2-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2679-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2682-2-jpg

    Godin Multiac Jazz Spruce Natural-img_e2683-jpg
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    something tells me it's as good for jazz as 5th Avenue. Currently I have a Godin Arena Pro CW Crescent II

    but I had a bass Godin fretless, and it's this ui was closest to the sound of the bass, provided to hold it vertical enough to attack with index finger and middle finger lying, like a double bassist. The problem is that it was harder for me to play with good intonation on a bass guitar fretless than on a double-bass, a matter of holding with the body

    I'm off topic, but I wanted to say that these instruments are usually very versatile, it all depends on the technique we use to play them
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