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    Beautiful guitar, barely used. Midlife crisis flurry of guitar buying, got the single pickup version too and don’t need both.

    $1800 firm will only ship to continental US and will pay for half.

    Comins GCS-16-2-94192da8-4a45-433a-ab69-5a16dc9d38d9-jpgComins GCS-16-2-a93a2642-b1a1-4d10-a452-f5bf6db9b59b-jpgComins GCS-16-2-6f916847-313a-4a6a-a6af-810aab107709-jpg
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    What a nice guitar for someone who wants an alternative to an ES-175.

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    Such a nice guitar !
    Keep it, greasy !

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    What’s the difference sound wise between the single pickup version and the double pickup version?

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    Comins guitars are excellent! GLWS