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    The Tele-Sonic is a fascinating hybrid of Fender, Guild, and Gibson features. It has a pair of U.S-made DeArmond single-coils, and like the dual-humbucker Tele Deluxes that Fender made from '73 to '82, the Tele-Sonic has a set of Gibson-style volume and tone controls. But the Tele-Sonic takes further steps toward hybrid-ville with a chambered mahogany body, and a 24-3/4" scale. The bridge has been replaced with a Ferro Guitars adjustable floating model. The Wilkinson bridge that originally comes with the instrument has a 12" radius, while the fretboard has a 9.5" radius. The new bridge is adjustable for height and intonation, so it plays beautifully with the string height where it should be. The first photo has the old bridge on it.

    Cosmetically, the Sonic is a class act. The burst finish is luscious, the painted headstock echoes the curvy pickguard, and the large metal pickup surrounds make the bar-style tailpiece look right at home. It's a beautifully made instrument, too. The frets are smooth and speedy, and the overall feel is buttery and sensual.

    The Tele-Sonic delivers much of what you'd hope for when combining Fender and Gibson elements. You get the mass and impact of a good Les Paul-style guitar combined with authoritative Fender snap.

    Ships with hard shell case.

    Asking $1200.00 shipped and insured.
    Always interested in Trades!

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    Very cool.

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    Wish you had one of the hollow T's you used to build for trade!