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    Anyone want a great old Fender head? Here's a Bassman head from '66 or '67 (version ab165). Everything works great, it's the real thing, it sounds great, blah, blah. Perfect with or without whatever pedal fun you fancy. Just a straight up, stripped-down, fantastic amp. Perfect size for gigging with a small cab (or a large cab if that's how you roll), plenty of power (50 watts) into 4 or 8 or 16 ohms (old Fender tube heads simply don't care about such things), weighs 30 pounds.

    $700 via Paypal F&F plus shipping. Or regular Paypal if you want to cover the extra $$.

    A few quick pix below.
    -the Tremolux head is gone.
    -we had a Bassman get-together a few days ago, hence the shot of three Bassman heads - the one for sale is sitting on my Deluxe Reverb-less 1x12" 8 ohm cab.
    -beauty shot of it sitting on my 2x10" 4 ohm cab.
    Attached Images Attached Images Fender Blackface Bassman head '66-'67-img_8013-jpg Fender Blackface Bassman head '66-'67-img_8012-jpg Fender Blackface Bassman head '66-'67-bassman-party_8182-jpg Fender Blackface Bassman head '66-'67-bassman-2x10cab_8194-jpg 
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    Fond memories ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by M-ster
    Fond memories ...
    ...that you wish to relive in person, right?
    For only $700 + shipping.

    Happy to sell you the open-back cab as well for an additional $300. It's loaded with a couple of 75 watt, 8 ohm Eminence Red Coat Ramrod 10" speakers, so the cab is 4 ohms, nicely matching the amp.
    It will make you young and handsome and slim once again, with a full head of hair to boot. Possibly with talent!

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    The 50-watt BF Bassman is an awesome guitar amp. The cleans are velvety. Someone is going to discover their signature tone!