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    Very solid older ( pretty sure a 90s) Samick build. Had the bridge re-profiled, a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover put in the neck, and cts pots put in. Strung with DR legend 13s.
    Good classic electric archtop sound.
    16.75" × 3.5". 25.5" scale. Has a few scratches in the lacquer, but generally in good shape . Neck is straight and strings have good action. Really wish I could get used to bigger guitars...

    Comes with OHSC.

    $500 + postage

    Open to a trade for a Telecaster.

    Washburn J-6s-20200210_153039-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_150322-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_152908-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_152937-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_151906-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_151917-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_151802-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_152040-jpg
    Washburn J-6s-20200210_150451-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Washburn J-6s-20200204_145245-jpg Washburn J-6s-20200204_145149-jpg Washburn J-6s-20200204_145131-jpg Washburn J-6s-20200204_145208-jpg Washburn J-6s-20200204_145045-jpg Washburn J-6s-20200204_145107-jpg 
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    Willing to part with it for cash as well.


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    Had it upgraded with a Seth Lover neck, and cts pots, plus had bridge re-profiled.

    I'd really be into trading it for a Telecaster.
    Otherwise I can do cash, 500+S/H.

    Washburn J-6s-20200319_214156-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Washburn J-6s-20200319_213846-jpg