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    Here is Victoria's take on the classic Fender Harvard 5F10 tweed-era circuit: the Victoria Ivy League. This is THE sound. It's like a less unruly tweed Deluxe 5E3—with a 10" speaker and fixed bias, you get more headroom, less woofy bass. One normal input, two attenuated inputs. Speaker changed to a George Alessandro GA10-SC64. I will throw in the original stock Eminence Legend if you want to pay for shipping. They sound fairly similar, perhaps a bit of scooped midrange with the GA10-SC64. Light-weight, 14 watts, recently installed a matched pair of TAD 6V6s. Will throw in a few NOS preamp tubes as well. In very good to excellent condition. $1150 + shipping with a no-fee payment method.

    Victoria Ivy League - Fender Harvard 5F10 clone-img_1789-jpgVictoria Ivy League - Fender Harvard 5F10 clone-img_1791-jpgVictoria Ivy League - Fender Harvard 5F10 clone-img_1790-jpgVictoria Ivy League - Fender Harvard 5F10 clone-img_1793-jpgVictoria Ivy League - Fender Harvard 5F10 clone-img_1794-jpg


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    Volume and Tone -- gotta love it!

    Nice amp!