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    Workshop Clearout!!

    -Guild hard 17" case, ex guild X500; high quality, good condition. £50. Can do exact measurements if any interest, from
    memory the X500 was 3" depth.

    12" guitar speakers:
    -Eminence Beta 12, near new, 225w £25, about 8 lb.
    -Eminence Deltalite 12, neo, good, 225 w £50, maybe 5lb
    -Eighteen Sound EV Clone (12W500), near new, 250w, about 11 lb, £50
    -Celestion Century neo, 80w, v light, good £40
    -Celestion Century Vintage neo, 60w, v light, good £50
    -late 70s Altec 4178H Alnico, classic Alnico speaker, 100dB spl, about 15lb, frame filed to fit in SFDR, rough edges but working fine, small cone repair, no bell, 100w.
    Might have a few cobwebs. Near-impossible to find now.

    None of the speakers have been pushed past 50w, some not even broken in.

    If anyone wants the hard case, collection, or will attach a label from your courier. Speakers, ideally, collection from W London.

    If any interest, can take pix and give more details via PM


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    hi...third try due to server problems...i have a guild aa waiting for a case. aa comes with full scale (overall lenght 112cm, headstock 14,5cm, body depth 9,5cm). would shipping the case to germany be an option? if yes: a) do you have information on shipping cost? b) could you please provide som pics? thank you, hagenGuild 17" hard case, various 12' speakers,  London UK-guildaa_measurekl-jpg

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    I'll measure the case tomorrow and PM you.

    I can't read the body length dimension on your pic - can you PM me about that? The red lettering isn't clear..

    I don't know how much it would cost to ship; I'm happy to ship it if you are prepared to arrange for it to be picked up from London.
    At least it won't need insuring, it will be empty....

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    The case looks to be a 50s Guild case, it came with a 56 New York X500. The Guild logo is old-style. It's robust, hard-shell but not fancy.
    Inside dimensions are:
    overall length 113cm/ 44.5"
    body length ( distance to internal compartment) 24"/ 61 cm
    body width 17. 2 " / 44cm
    maximum internal body depth 14.5 cm. This would ( obviously) need to include the bridge height.