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    As title describes, Basically brand new, Henriksen Blu, black leather body and handle... I all but quit gigging and so I don't really need this amp any more.

    I was informed that the used market has one of these up for 750, so that being the case, I am updating to as competitive a number as I am willing to take for this of 700+shipping.

    Amp is basically mint. one small nick near one of the knobs but otherwise a great amp i bought first owner direct.

    Exceptional Amplifier for practice/student, solo gigging, etc as it has a bluetooth receiver built into the amp which can be left on or off.

    Most importantly, the amp sounds just like a Henriksen ... absolutely flooring amazing sound. I don't really want to get rid of this but kind of need the coin for other projects.

    will definitely ship, but CONUS only.

    Henriksen The Blu -  Price Update-80973930_172032017442388_8206929302831235072_n-jpgHenriksen The Blu -  Price Update-83001549_630684557740984_5499812618753277952_n-jpgHenriksen The Blu -  Price Update-83503816_264568324512062_79411759164686336_n-jpgHenriksen The Blu -  Price Update-84119122_2528886513992259_6815143462640287744_n-jpgHenriksen The Blu -  Price Update-83143565_1037121699988904_3026908296691843072_n-jpg
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    from where do you ship?
    i‘m asking because of fees into the EU (GER)

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    Message sent yesterday.

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    Hey Im shipping in CONUS only. Sorry if I neglected this in the OP.

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    Nice amp.

    I'm a Henriksen fan. Over the years I've had two of them. One I got was fairly old to begin with and was just the head. It needed some work. I sent it to Henriksen. They fixed it without charge even though I got it used. They also updated it for free. (I don't recall the update.) Turn around time was two weeks door to door.

    I got a new JazzAmp 112ER 10 years ago. It recently developed a hum. I sent it to Henriksen today. It will cost $127 including shipping to update the circuits and fix it. They sent me the shipping label, so it was easy.

    My point is that the company provides excellent service for their excellent amps.