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    Hey guys, I have saddles in stock if anyone is interested. I've had some builders contact me recently asking about buying in larger quantities. If you are a builder/shop owner I can save you on shipping and sales tax.

    And as always I'd love your feedback good or bad, thanks!

    -3 saddles
    -3 intonation screws
    -6 set screws
    -3 springs
    -Allen wrench for adjusting set screws

    -For Telecaster or Tele style guitar
    -Standard 2 1/8 inch spacing
    -CNC machined from 1/2” diameter 360 brass or 6061 aluminum
    -String grooves milled slightly offset for improved intonation
    -Slot profiles cut so each string rests on an identical contact point
    -Set screws won't stick up and dig into your hand, nice smooth surface for palm muting. Also, I use 4-40 set screws instead of the standard 6-30, this concentrates the down pressure into a smaller total surface area. Does this do anything to the tone? I'll let you decide, but I thought it was a good idea.
    -Saddles are milled flat on the bottom, this combined with the deep string slots allows you to achieve the same low action you get with your standard saddles.
    -Made in Oregon!

    Bensonite compensated "Fat Saddles" - more in stock!-polishbrass-jpg


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    Aluminum EA
    Attached Images Attached Images Bensonite compensated "Fat Saddles" - more in stock!-40a6c2de-7936-422c-8362-a65cb74c5031-jpeg