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    Up for sale is a 2010 Daniel Slaman DS-150 for $3,800 plus $99 for shipping any where in the continental US. I purchased it from archtop.com in 2015.

    The DS-155 is basically an 1937 ES-150 with a florentine cutaway and a second CC pickup in the bridge position. I reworked the electronics so it made more sense, it used to have no switch, two volume, and two tone pots. I removed one of the tone pots and put in a rotary switch so it used the same pot hole. It has a light relic finish, so it looks more used than it really is. It's in excellent condition otherwise. The rotary switch isn't great, but I didn't want to drill a hole for a 3-way switch. The pots and caps are top notch. It has a good acoustic voice and weighs 6 lbs 2 ozs.

    Slaman DS-155 2010 Sunburst (ES-150, ES-175) | Reverb


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    on sale for $3,400.

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    This guitar is back on sale after getting returned and getting a fret dressing/setup at Brooklyn Lutherie.