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    Add $12 to cover shipping & paypaylfee whether you buy 1 or all of the pedals below. Or I'd go $9 to cover shipping if you pay with money order or paypal gift.

    I'm always willing to listen to trade offers (even though I'd rather sell, so the trade offer will have to benefit me )

    - Boss CS2 MIJ with just some nicks (bottom MIJ label and battery tray MIJ label are both in excellent shape): $90

    - Boss PSA12T Ac adapter: $5

    - Visual Sound 1Spot Ac adapter: $10

    !!! FOR FREE, anyone who buys a pedal can have one or more of the following items!!!:

    - Fender California Fat Tele white pickguard (worn)

    - used jazz bass pickguard

    - Fender American Special neckplate with 4 new neck screws

    - patch cable with male 1/8" connectors on each end

    - guitar cable

    - picks

    - free Boss TU8 tuner (not working & missing battery cover)

    - DOD FX25B Envelope Filter manual & papers

    - Ethernet 3' cable

    - free broken Squier guitar/bass tuner
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