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    I’m essentially bumping this but with a new post. Take a little Jim Hall and mix with a dry martini. Any Jim Hall fan (and there are a lot of them here) will appreciate the sensitive, melodic interplay of Jim with the equally lyrical Paul Desmond.

    Paul Desmond and Jim Hall Complete Recordings (Master Takes). This is NOT the collectible Mosaic set by the same name, but is a high quality 4 disc set with the same content. These are some of the most melodic alto and guitar improvisations ever recorded. It doesn’t get any better than these classic tunes. Here they are, all in one place. $30 + shipping.

    Reposted:  CD Box Set:  Paul Desmond & Jim Hall Complete Recordings-0d2945a6-04ef-42a1-808e-4bee7be12e1f-jpg


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    I’m bumping this because I’m surprised it is still in my house!

    Really, $30 for this 4 disc set is a steal. Nobody? Buehler?

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    This set is now sold to a forum member, but I have several great sets still available by Miles, Trane, Bud, Bird, Monk, Dexter, and others. PM me if you’re looking to spend some of your Christmas gift money and want to hear more.