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    Toob Speaker with GSS Mini Amp - $460 Near-mint, hardly used. Ideal for small group playing. 50 watts from mini amp---speaker has 100 watt capability. Speaker weighs 9 lbs, amp next to nothing and fits in a gig bag. Can be used with AC (battery pack not included).

    Sorry, only local (Philadelphia or S. Jersey, possibly NY if I have a gig there)---I won't ship.

    PM if seriously interested...


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    There's a LITTLE wiggle room on the price, gents. Won't 'give away the store' since, as stated, it's in near-mint condition and hardly used.

    Your call(s)...

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    I got my Roland AC-33 back and need the space. Make me an offer...

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    Price now $430 OBO...

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