This guitar needs no introduction. The most iconic of all jazz guitars: the classic ES 175. It doesn't get any better than this.

This one is 100% original. Unlike most 175s you see on the market right now, this has not had any repairs to the jack. The only "modification" I if you can call it that is that an extra nut was added at the end of the truss rod as a spacer to give the rod more adjustability. The nut can be easily removed. I'm happy to provide more photos on request.

The condition is excellent: free of any structural defects. Cosmetically there is only one mentionable issue which is that the back of the neck near the headstock has a bit of wear from having kept their guitar on a wall-mounted guitar hanger. Photos are in the listing.

1953 Gibson ES-175 - ,499 Plus Shipping-img_2519-jpg

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