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    Here’s another awesome guitar that is looking for a new home. The condition is excellent. A couple of dings on the top but no cracks or any structural issues. The aficionados who know the magic of 30s Gibson archtops have a soft spot for the original 16” design. More versatile and responsive than the later 17” counterparts, perfect for a solo guitar a là Eddie Lang.

    Original case included. I haven’t posted this on Reverb yet but I will do so shortly.

    1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-130f3c95-f319-48c6-bd0c-5bee68b449a8-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-560ea457-a576-4b96-8118-7a7f6b8ab083-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-eb27966c-cd03-4543-8699-d14d957bf723-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-8edf4a87-19f0-431c-b9c4-3ef28d7df405-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-e5f649ba-8613-44c4-95a7-a24f159dd24b-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-d3a2fac7-d9aa-47c9-b6b2-ec5ea3ce58a9-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-9b9a7f8a-7d8d-4f1b-b0b0-9acf3558773f-jpg1934 Gibson L7 00 plus shipping-892997ce-dcd2-4f22-87fd-23b723a2c7b0-jpg


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    85 yrs old and still looking good!
    I had one same yr and it was a firecracker.

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    Looks like a great guitar. Just bought an amp from this seller through this forum. Terrific experience all around. GLWTS!

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    Bump. I listed on reverb here:

    Note the reverb listing price is a bit higher to account for listing/processing fees. If you’re interested it’s still best to PM me.

    Gibson L7 1934 Sunburst
    Gibson L7 1934 Sunburst | Juan's Boutique | Reverb

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    These L-7s are fantastic. I have one myself.

    Btw, there is a bit of Joe V’s description of the 16” L-7 that appears specific to the one he had for sale, like an inlay first fret. You might want to edit that out.

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    Nice catch, thanks!

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    And she’s gone.