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    Hello everyone here's a nice Ibanez that hasn't been played much at all. $400 OBO. Great guitar! Would prefer to sell locally (I'm in Chicago, IL), but open to shipping.

    Ibanez AFJ-95 - Chicago-img_9738-jpg

    Here's my post from reverb:
    Very nice Ibanez AFJ-95 with case. This guitar was set up by Geoff Benge and plays very easily and has great intonation. Pickups and everything are all original. The pickguard was rattling so I removed it, I have it here somewhere if you want it, and can confirm before sale.

    I can't see any scratches or dings on it, but it's hard to take photos of this properly since it's so shiny.

    Trying to thin out my gear a bit, really love this but it mostly just sits in it's case. Which by the way I got the case in it's current condition, beat up with some tears. It's a fine case for storage and if I was gigging with it I'd probably just use it and tape up the tears.

    Happy to take more photos or answer any questions. Would prefer not to ship and am selling locally for the time being. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in having it shipped out to you.
    You can find more photos on my reverb post: Ibanez AFJ95 VSB | kozwell dozwell | Reverb


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    I had one of these. Wonderful instrument. Unbeatable bang-for-buck. GLWTS.
    Best regards, k

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    I had one of these, too. Regret ever letting it go. Killer neck and impeccable fit and finish. Hope somebody scoops this up...excellent value.

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    I still have mine (my first archtop) and it still gets played. As stated above: a fine guitar.
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    It really is a nice guitar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    you have the pickguard?
    Yes it's here somewhere, just need to remember where I stored it. I'll take a look tonight. I removed it because it was rattling and it was the easiest way to make it stop. I had the same issue on the semi hollow Ibanez I have.

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    Found the pickguard, just missing one of the screws for it now ha.

    I noticed a little blemish between the pickups, I'm going to clean everything up and take some new photos this week. Thanks for the interest.