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    Vintage 47 English Tonemaster, Warm Octal Goodness-img_2089-jpgVintage 47 English Tonemaster, Warm Octal Goodness-img_2088-jpg

    **Guitar in photo not included**

    Hey folks. I'm selling this amazing amp for those of you into the early guitar tones of Charlie Christian, Oscar Moore, Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney, Herb Ellis. This circuit uses octal preamps, which are much warmer and smoother than the later 7-pin preamp tubes used in Fender tweed amps in the 50s. This circuit is very similar to the circuit used in Vintage 47's EH-185-inspired model, the VA-185, famously played by Jonathan Stout.

    I listed it on Reverb, but I'll give you a discount if you buy it from me through Paypal. Vintage 47 English Tonemaster | Juan's Boutique | Reverb

    Handwired in Northern California in 2010 by David Barnes of Vintage 47 Amps…this amp owes its inspiration to the Tonemaster, originally built by Valco in 1957 for English Electronics, a retailer out of Lansing, MI.

    The Vintage 47 Tonemaster has a beautifully warm tone, largely due to the octal preamp section. The 5881s and 5U4 rectifier give the amp lots of headroom. If you want more overdrive and volume, plug in your guitar, then jump the other two inputs. This defeats the input resistors, letting more of your guitar signal flow into the amp.

    The amp is a stout 12 watts, singing over the top of 5 or 6 piece bands for years!

    The Tonemaster can scream or talk sweet, depending on how you feel at the time.

    The Valco English Electronics Tonemaster design features finger jointed baltic birch cabinet covered in Ostrich & Tweed tolex. The all octal tube Valco Supreme 12 watt class AB push pull circuit drives the 12 inch Weber speaker.

    This amp has that amazingly thick & saturating Valco sound…Capable of clean jazz to over the top overdrive. An incredible harp mic with great feedback control due to the interactive tone & volume controls.

    The cathode biased power section can take 6L6, 5881, EL37 (my favorite) or 6V6 matched pairs, all without biasing, just plug and play. The rectifier can be a 5Y3, 5R4 or 5U4.

    The Tonemaster style cabinets are discontinued and hard to find. To get the cab done right, it just takes time.

    A rare amp in very clean condition, with just some normal wear.
    12 watt class AB push pull Valco Supreme Circuit
    US made for Vintage 47 transformers by Heyboer
    Cathode biased - No biasing required!
    GE 6SQ7 preamp
    TungSol Re-Issue 6SL7GT Paraphase Inverter
    TungSol Re-Issue 5881 Matched Pair
    JJ 5U4GT Rectifier
    3 input jacks
    12" Weber Sig Ceramic Speaker. 8 Ohm
    Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.
    Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.
    Point to point hand wired circuit.
    15" wide x 15.5" tall x 8" deep weighing in at 25 pounds
    Semi-open back
    Attached Images Attached Images Vintage 47 English Tonemaster, Warm Octal Goodness-screen-shot-2019-09-18-2-33-16-pm-jpg 
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    It looks and sounds awesome! GLWS!

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    Man, that's so clear that we can hear your fingerprints!
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Beautiful playing, too.

    If you lived in Edinburgh...