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    Gibson ES-5-Switchmaster 1956
    with original Lifton Hard Case
    sn A22033
    F.O.N. W3130 (1955)
    One of 59 sunburst models made in 1956
    Guitar is in very good condition, showing finish checking and very light playing wear. The Lifton case is in very good, solid condition, showing signs of cloth tape applied at some point in it's past and an old internal stain. Latches work perfectly.
    A Bigsby was fitted at some point, screwed into the plywood top with one screw. Original tailpiece not with guitar.
    The original pickguard comes with the guitar and does fit, but has curved due to aging. A replica is fitted to the guitar.
    Original tuners work perfectly, as do the electronics, as does the switch, of the Switchmaster name.
    This guitar sounds fantastic and is one of the best feeling and playing guitars ever made. A timeless historical piece. $7300 plus shipping.

    Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar-p1170259-2-jpgGibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar-p1170283-3-jpgGibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar-p1170268-2-jpg
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    Shipping for Hammertone will be $7300. All others , please pm for a shipping quote ( or more information ) . Thank you !

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    that bigsby is the wrong bigsby for that guitar! it should have had a b6...no screws into the top...

    present setup is dangerous as the screw is unanchored...just attached to the thin top...could easily crack or worse..fact that they only used one of the 2 screws to attach it, makes it worse!!! tho easier when taking it off asap and repairing the single hole

    thats also a replacement bigsby aluminum bridge

    sorry, but true

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    Bump the old SwitchmasterGibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar-p1170270-2-jpg

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    Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar-p1170275-2-jpg