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    An absolutely amazing Roger Giffin Hollowbody guitar. Very lightweight, equisite craftmanship, sounds excellent closer to a 335 than to a jazz box.

    The value of this guitar is well over $5,000 when new. I'm asking $2700 + Shipping..

    I'm the second owner, the description below is from the 1st owner.

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4361-jpg

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4362-jpg

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4365-jpg

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4370-jpg

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4373-jpg

    Outragious 2012 Giffin Hollowbody guitar-img_4375-jpg
    I am the original owner. I purchased this new from Destroy All Guitars. This incredible guitar is in excellent condition. It’s spent most of its life in the case. Maybe just some minimal polishing swirls only seen in the right light and (update) a small impression on the second fret under the 1st E string(See last pic). There is zero fret wear. It’s curly top is beautiful and has a really nice resonance to the sound of this guitar.

    Never gigged or taken outside my house and very seldom played. The only reason I am selling this one, is because I had Roger custom build a Koa hollow-body for me and hence this one is never getting played.

    Comes with original hard shell case and COA. Check out Rogers site for specs on the hollow body and the list of legendary guitarists he has done work for (Custom Shop as well).He is truly one of the best luthiers out there. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!
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    Beautiful Giffin Standard HB you've got there.

    Roger pulls out all the stops with his builds. And he's a great guy to boot.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    I own this very same model Giffin (mine has a birds-eye maple top in a subtle, golden burst), same pickups, same overall specs and cosmetic detailing. These lightweight guitars have obviously been built with an amazing degree of attention and finesses that's been put into every detail. Not surprisingly, that same attention to detail also goes into the superb sound and playability. It always impresses me.

    In my experience and opinion, the OP's description of it as being more like a 335, rather than a jazz box, is spot on, so a Larry Carlton or Robben Ford might come to mind, although I could have easily had imagined, say, John Abercrombie using one, too.


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    Just a suggestion for accuracy's sake...OP should correct the spelling of the guitar builder's name from 'Giffen' to GIFFIN.

    Giffin Guitars

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    Thanks so much!!! I'll change the name.

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