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    For sale: Vintage Sunburst Gibson hollowbody archtop guitar that I have owned for over 25 years.

    A Patent # equipped 1965 Gibson ES-175D in remarkable condition. Plays and sounds great!

    Original finish, frets, pots, knobs, pickups, tailpiece and case, this '65 is simply a fine example from the golden era of electric guitars.

    Light fretwear, no issues.

    Replaced tuners with correct period Klusons.

    At some point in the 70s, the previous original owner had the pickup covers and tailpiece sent back to Gibson for gold plating.
    Documentation included.


    Fingerboard Wood - Brazilian Rosewood
    Scale Length - 24.75"
    Nut Width - 1 11/16"
    Fingerboard Radius - 12"
    Pickup(s) - 2 original Gibson Patent Number Humbuckers
    Case - Original Case

    $5,000 US Dlls. plus shipping in US only.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    Sergio Lara

    1965 Gibson ES-175D-full-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images 1965 Gibson ES-175D-top-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-top2-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-board-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-head-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-neck-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-back-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-tuners-jpg 1965 Gibson ES-175D-case-jpg 


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    There should be a few fans out there for this...

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    I thought all '65 ES 175's had pencil necks (1 9/16). So there are some with regular nut widths after all.

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    From Walter Carter, (Carter Vintage):

    The nut width for the ES-175 and many Gibson models to 1 9/16" from 1 11/16" it changed in mid 1965.

    So this one is an early 1965.

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    The perfect Jazz guitar.

    A dream guitar.

    Incorrectly listed as a 1964 model a correction is made as a 1965 model.

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    I have a 66 w/ a single pickup.... these are fabulous guitars, difficult to find with the original pickups. Those pickups make all the difference in the world! Most of these-the pickups were removed and replaced as the pickups are worth a third of the price of the guitar. In this kind of condition and all original w/ original case this guitar is a great find at a very fair price. If your looking for a 175 buy this, you won’t regret it????

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    This guitar has great pedigree. Appears to be in very good shape and has been played, professional. The wider nut is a bonus.
    This might be right up Jack Zuckers alley as they use to say.

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    The pickups in this guitar are worth $1000 each. They are almost identical to a late PAF and IMO, sound just as good. The replated tailpiece and covers done by Gibson should not be a bother. The bridge saddle is not original, but many prefer the TOM and an original Brazilian rosewood saddle can be obtained.

    1965 was a transition year for the nut size. 1 11/16. 1 5/8 and 1 9/16 can all be found in this model year. 1969 is the other transition year with both 1 9/16 examples and 1 11/16 examples being extant.

    These are great guitars. Good luck to the seller and a hearty congrats to whomever is savvy enough to grab this (owning three ES-175's myself, it won't be me!)
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    Still available.

    Will consider reasonable cash offers or trades plus cash and international shipping.

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    This great vintage Gibson guitar is still available for sale.

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    Yes, this is still available for sale!