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    Hey everybody,

    I'm looking for a Vestax D'angelico NYS-2. Vestax made two different versions, and I'm looking for the earlier one with a smaller body, akin to a hollow body Les Paul, almost. See the picture below for reference.

    Earlier Model (the one I'm looking for):
    D'angelico NYS-2 Vestax-nys2-jpg

    Older model (the one I DON'T want):
    D'angelico NYS-2 Vestax-a8ad39ec-d445-4963-b5e5-aad86ce05dfc-jpeg

    I'm aware that there's one currently on eBay, but it's a scam listing. The store in japan which watermarked their logo on the photos said they sold the guitar months ago, and that it isn't their listing.

    If anybody either has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know!
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    Unfortunately, that’s not the same guitar. That’s the revised model with a larger body, larger horn, and different construction materials.

    D'angelico NYS-2 Vestax-a8ad39ec-d445-4963-b5e5-aad86ce05dfc-jpeg

    If you compare this photo with the one in my initial post you’ll see that they’re quite different. Same namesake, but different beasts.

    Thanks for the help, though!

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    Sorry I thought that was it...

    maybe email walkin in japan they stock vestax and will maybe know


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    -- Isn't it crazy that "archtop" and "luthier" are spelling errors on this forum?

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    Interesting. Thank you for letting me know about these.

    I'm mostly interested in the one I originally posted for it's D'angelico meets Benson sort of vibe, but will definitely consider this model down the road if the other one doesn't end up appearing.

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    The horn looked iffy but it was a floater like in your first picture:

    D'Angelico NYS-2【名古屋栄店】(中古)【楽器検索デジマート】

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    very similar to the ibanez gb15

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnesto View Post
    very similar to the ibanez gb15

    Definitely. The defining difference would be that the d’angelico has a solid top. I also prefer the aesthetics of the D’angelico. I know one probably won’t turn up, but I haven’t given up yet!