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    I have accumulated a large number of Soloways over the years and as part of a plan to play more and hoard less I'm offering some for sale. I am open to reasonable offers of course. I'm located in Ireland and am new here but have a lot of guitar trading experience and can share eBay and Reverb feedback if needed.

    L351 Curly mahogany one piece top/swamp ash, Lollars (El Rayo and Imperial if I recall), Hipshot bridge, mint. €1400
    Swan, so 27" scale, currently set up as a baritone (BEADF#B) but I will restring and adjust for standard tuning if preferred.
    pictures:Dropbox - L351 - Simplify your life

    E077 figured walnut/Lollartrons €1200 price drop €1000 Sold pending payment, thanks Cmaj9
    Soloway Swan Figured Walnut For Sale in Tralee, Kerry from Ross Kingston

    G178 candy apple red Swan contour 6 string

    Solid body (alder), Hipshot trem, flame maple fretboard, AmStan neck carve (very similar to Fender's American Standard Strat), 3 Fralin P92s, 5-way switch. 2 small puncture wounds on the back of the lower bout (pictured), otherwise immaculate. Plays and sounds amazing like all of Jim's guitars. €1000
    Soloway Swan Candy Apple Red | RK guitar gear | Reverb

    F129 Oregon myrtle/swamp ash LN7 "no-hole"7 string. Great condition, beautiful cocobolo fretboard on this one. €1400
    Dropbox - F129 - Simplify your life


    1994 Chris Larkin archtop (ASAS Jazz) €2000
    My dear departed friend and master luthier Chris Larkin made some beautiful archtop guitars among many other styles and although my jazz credentials are very slender I have been holding on to this one in case my talent develops late. It shows a couple of lacquer cracks but is otherwise glorious. In a battered but serviceable hard case. Kent armstrong pickup. 8cm deep (3 1/8"), 38cm lower bout (15"). Pictures:
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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Wonderful collection of Soloways!! Jim is an active member here, so hopefully he'll see these beauties!



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    @marcwhy: Thanks! I have mixed feelings about parting with them.

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    More pictures of E077
    Dropbox - E077 - Simplify your life

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    Hi Ross. For anyone who's interested, Ross has owned a variety of our guitars almost from the start. I've done lots of business with him over the years and I'll vouch for him as reliable, honest and real.

    BTW, that sunburst 7 string was one of the first batch of three that began the whole thing.
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    Great to hear from you Jim, thanks for that. My teal Swan with the 1” neck is still one of my all time favourites! Also hollow body #1.

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    E077 has a couple of dings on the back which I hadn’t noticed before taking the recent photos so I’m dropping the price from €1200 to €1000

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    Withdrew the early 7 string for now

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    Soloways rule and these are beauties! Good luck with the sale.
    Best regards,

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    One sold, more added bump!