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    I need to thin out the herd and thought that I should offer this here for a good price before I put it on EBay if it doesn't sell. It's a like new Peerless Jazz City. It has been set up professionally, - plays and sounds great. No scratches, dings or dents. Included is everything that you see - guitar, case candy and original case. Jazz City's have a 25.5" scale length and solid flame maple tops. The backs and sides are flame maple laminates. I changed the knobs to ebony, but the stock gold ones are included as well. It had the dueling strap buttons on it when I got it. I would like to keep it, but I just don't have the space. It is packed well. Offered at $700 plus shipping. The box is 52"x23"x9" and assume that it weighs 30 lbs. Shipping is from zip code 94103. Contact me if you are interested. It is a great guitar at a great price IMHO. Here are the pics: (As usual I have no idea why some didn't retain their rotation, but you can get the idea.)
    Attached Images Attached Images 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2023-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2022-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2024-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2025-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2028-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2030-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2031-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2033-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2034-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2035-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2036-jpg 2013 Peerless Jazz City Like New w/Case-img_2037-jpg 
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    Bump. I am lowering the price to $700. This is the lowest I will go before trying to auction it. If anyone is considering a newer D'Angelico or something similar this would be great alternative IMHO.
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    I already have a Peerless Sunset. Truth to tell I'm not in the market for a new guitar, but I will vouch for the Peerless quality, feel and sound.

    That sounds like a great price too. I hope someone on the forum buys it.
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    Thanks. One of the nice things about this guitar is that the finish is rather thin. It isn't comparable at all with the thick poly finishes of a new D'Angelico or other similar guitars.

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    Beautiful guitar. I saw it on Ebay and shame nobody's grabbed it.
    If I had the funds I'd be all over it.

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    I haven't put it on EBay yet. I am in no hurry and this is as low as I will go. We may be moving in the next couple of years and I may have more space. If that happens I won't mind keeping it.

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    Great looking guitar and a steal at that price. If it were not for other up coming expenses I'd grab it. As stated above, Peerless make an excellent product and this one looks like no exception. Good luck with your sale.
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    Looks like a killer guitar at a great price btw..I have the Gigmaster which I love, and I can also testify that Peerless is a great company! It is a good thing I am a lefty, or I would have a serious GAS problem at home...Haha.