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    This is an 1988 Ibanez AF200, arguably one of the best sounding Jazz Guitars from Ibanez, now being reproduced as the Prestige AF200 model. This was made in The Terrada factory in Japan during one of the best periods for Ibanez production. The grain on the top and the choice of woods on the back and sides is above the standard ones. I bought it years ago from a player in Japan which had changed the original pickups to Gibson 57's. I replaced them with the new Ibanez Silent "Super 58" pickups currently built in Japan, which are very feedback resistant. They are the same ones installed on the higher end Ibanez archtops like the current Prestige AF200, and the PM100, PM200, LGB300 etc..
    I also aged them to match the guitar's age. The guitar has aged well and the color has a beautiful patina like a Honey Blonde color. I had a custom (D'Aquisto Style) Ebony tailpiece built to match that of the Joe Pass (JP20) and Pat Metheny (PM200) models to the exact specs. I also replaced the pickguard and pickup rings with custom black ones, and the bridge with an Ebony hand carved bridge. The guitar has its share of small scratches and minor small dents, as it has been played in the last 31 years but the there's no cracking or checking in the finish and no cracks in the wood anywhere. The tone on this guitar rivals any high end archtop, and the top is thicker than the current Prestige AF200 being produced now. The neck is straight as an arrow, but the frets need dressing and will need replacement in a few years. Comes with all original parts (except pickups)and original case that fits like a glove. The new silent "Super 58" are a little clearer sounding in tone than the old version because of the Alnico V, the ebony tailpiece and bridge have given the guitar a little more acoustic quality and smokier tone but still fat and focused.

    $1,800 Paypaled Shipped CONUS ONLY!


    1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades-20190815-095445-jpg
    1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades-20190815_095412-jpg

    1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades-20190815_095432-jpg
    1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades-20190815_095333-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images 1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades-20190815_095401-jpg 
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    Very nice AF200. Is that an Artstar model? Also, how would you describe the neck profile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gitfiddler View Post
    Very nice AF200. Is that an Artstar model? Also, how would you describe the neck profile?

    Yes indeed, it's a regular Artstar AF200. The neck (to me) feels like a 175 neck, although the dimensions are a tad different. The nut width is 43mm, and the neck thickness is 20mm at the 1st fret, and 22mm at the 12th. The guitar is a 161/2" body and 24 3/4' scale, very comfortable and weights less than a 175 or a Heritage 575.


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    Is it still for sale, and where is it located?
    Nice AF200 1988 Ibanez AF200 Archtop w/Upgrades