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    Hello forum members

    I am trying to get a compact cabinet for a nice old JBL D130F.

    If anyone has an empty 1x15'' cabinet that isn't gigantic that they'd like to part with, I would be certainly interested.

    Also, if anyone knows where I can get a cabinet made in Australia that would be wonderful - the shipping costs from the USA are prohibitive. The Weber 15" X-Cab would be perfect, but the cost to get it here was massive.

    Also... if anyone has good suggestions about what amp to pair with this speaker, I'd appreciate that too. Thinking of the new Quilter Tone Block 202 at this stage.


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    The guys at The Music Swop Shop in Melbourne may be able to help or else suggest someone who can

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    I made one of these not long ago, and could potentially do something similar for a 15" (to the Weber X-15 dimensions) if it strikes your fancy.

    But I don't know if shipping from NZ would be much better than shipping from the US, sadly!


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    Just a suggestion - try finding a local kitchen cabinet maker. If you provide them with plans they could build a cabinet for you, except for the Tolex covering. I once had an EVM-12L cabinet built by just such a person from plans provided by EV.