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    an astounding guitar.

    this was a 'conceptual' project between the original owner (I am #2) and the Tao guys. he wanted to incorporate Japanese / Zen influences throughout the build. I dare say they pulled it off.

    start with the fretless, 'brutalist' neck. I find that it reveals near limitless possibilities. it was exquisitely crafted. the ebony board is so dark, it has a black mirror like quality. it is actually a very comfortable neck.

    the swamp ash body. light weight, extremely resonant - it sings even unplugged....a real feat for a solid body fretless. this is a decidedly resonant instrument. everywhere you touch it, vibrations are evident.

    Bare Knuckle humbucker....need I say more.

    comes with orig Mono bag, COA and I have loads of pics (including build progress and info.)

    TRADE possibities - Yanuziello - Koll - Ritter - Gustavsson - the usual suspects. I will entertain 2 for 1 deals - guitar + cash deals.
    PLS PM me with you offers so as not to clutter the listing. happy to answer all inquiries and will respond to all offers. THX.

    Tao T Bucket 'wabi sabi'-img_3244-jpg
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    That is an absolutely gorgeous guitar, wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by P.J. View Post
    That is an absolutely gorgeous guitar, wow!
    thx very much.....I agree. it was a very thoughtful build, is exceedingly resonant and plays and sounds as well as it appears.

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    Wow! What can you say but nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.
    Build bridges, not walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyLoveHandles View Post
    Wow! What can you say but nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.
    thx....and agreed.....so true.

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    since this is an 'outside the box' guitar....and may frighten some....

    I am going to work out a return deal with the buyer.

    ya need to sit with this one for a while....not just an open the case and get it instrument.

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    Not a guitar I can use at all, but I sure would like to tinker with it! Looks awesome.
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    well if you were near me.....I would let ya tinker away.