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    A lovely sweet singing guitar!

    This is a Made In Japan George Benson Hollowbody, I gave it a Very good rating yet for being 35 years old it is in remarkable condition. As expected after 35 years it shows some age like finish checking, ( there are no cracks in the wood, just some cracks in the lacquer) some of the binding is off color, and gold plating tarnished on the pickups, yet overall is great and a joy to play.

    Frets are in great condition, plays like butter with low action!!

    Case is worn yet still functions fine.

    If you're looking for a GB-10 this is a great one. For sale $1500 plus shipping
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-neguryh8t4zuvqpsddns-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-uah5tyfh6o3oyi1nm6r9-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-ozbu4ajcjlq9zlfzdnma-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-vdwpf27hryou90mhbpt2-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-vovipl7kyjiibb07zqgb-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-mpm6x8j5usxlshko1vc9-jpg 
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    Oh, wow, this looks absolutely great. I love the mineral streaks, flecks, lines and subtle figure on the neck. You don't see them on the current Ibanez GB10s which look rather bland and functional. After 35 years of maturing I bet this thing sounds wonderful.

    Wish I was in the market...

    Good luck with the sale.

    PS Lacquer check lines are a good sign. To me, it means that the wood has had a chance to season and work out its internal mechanical stress. It is at its optimal resonance now.
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    Thanks so much for your kind message Jabs. She is beautiful and sounds great!!

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    you sure that crack doesn't go into the top? Looks pretty deep. Can you post a higher rez photo?

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    Hi, Thanks for your post Jack.

    I agree the photos look like the crack is in the wood yet it's definitely just in the finish. I think it looks like a crack in the wood due to the way the light caught the cracks on the photo. If you are interested in this GB10 I can send you higher res photos via email so send me a personal message with your email address and I'll send you the photos.

    Here are some closer photos showing the crack is in the finish, it does not go through to the wood. It's just age checking of the lacquer.
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-gb10-checking-1-jpg Ibanez GB10 1984 Beautiful Sweet Guitar-gb10-checking-3-jpg 
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