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    Hey everyone, finished everything I needed to to get my music degree.

    I finished last may, and really thought I might end up selling this guitar as I never even brought it to my guitar lessons.

    This guitar in mint condition t
    here is a nick in the finish of the case.
    I am not very negotiable if at all, but might wrap up some of the shipping if you offer me what I am asking. I don't need to sell this guitar, but I want to loose it for decent enough coin to feel good about it its likely the nicest gibson I have ever played, if not archtop I have ever played and I have been through all the Nashville shops and seen these rooms full of solid and laminate tops...

    This does feel and play like a new guitar and has been case and very well taken care of, never smoked around in or out of the case, never gigged once. Super clean example at a better than reasonable price for anyone interested... (pretty sure this is the cheapest mint example I have seen on the market.) .
    Comes with COA and all original Gibson case candy (Strap, guitar pick case, etc etc.)
    Ships to lower 48 only, in original Gibson cardboard.

    $ 3200.00 USD

    Selling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-64845858_2303068416623790_2038580457242624000_n-jpgSelling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66493402_2140063346104744_4862458249623896064_n-jpgSelling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66587823_2062995150669252_4870812545130168320_n-jpg
    Selling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66651279_607883313038915_1944183097620692992_n-jpgSelling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66755886_339063577018445_4949196638880006144_n-jpgSelling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66807322_335981290653388_7994971279499198464_n-jpgSelling my ES-175 VOS Blonde. -- SOLD!-66829045_2335756443331859_1934469878756933632_n-jpg
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    1st, congratulations on your achievement.

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    Currently awaiting payment.

    Edit: SOLD!
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