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    Hey guys. Up for sale is a recent (2017?) Republic “Clarksdale” tri-cone resonator guitar in red copper rust finish. The guitar has very little playing time and is in like new condition. These guitars sell for about $749 new, and I believe that this particular finish is out of production for this model. It’s a cool guitar with a great patina. The tone is very comparable to the much more expensive Nationals, IMO. This guitar is great for slide playing or would fit nicely in a traditional or Dixieland jazz setting. You can find the specs (other than the finish) here: Clarksdale Special style 220 — Republic Guitars. Original Featherlite/Durafoam high quality case included.

    $450 + shipping ($75 or actual shipping cost if less). CUSA only, please. No trades.

    Republic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-d354b5d1-7238-4d49-b7fd-5103e38ee643-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-101c0942-f375-4798-b607-79a5136d3ed6-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-a584ce82-e249-4712-9bb1-45df300624ac-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-c670a74b-2d3c-4f02-acc6-24433c88262e-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-a9a0cbbb-4cbd-4c03-bf2b-13681521d5d5-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-7dc5d829-730b-4200-a132-135f37ecc35c-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-65f2fcfb-c9dc-4ff3-abaf-35ad11e62b64-jpgRepublic Tri-Cone “Clarksdale” in red copper rust finish-a212667e-4455-4079-b63f-740f9e91172b-jpg


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    For anyone who is viewing this thread, I appreciate your interest. However, I’m finding it hard to believe that I have had over 20,000 views in less than 48 hours. I noticed another thread in the “for sale” section with a very high view count. Perhaps coincidentally, the JGO server began to crash and run slowly within this same 48 hr span. I know next to nothing about internet intrigue - bots, hacks, etc. But, is there something to investigate here?

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    PM sent. Would like to buy.

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    PM sent.